Reach + Maintain a Healthy Weight
Maintaining your ideal weight requires a look at the full picture — calories consumed as well as your level of physical activity. We assess your current program and determine what is missing before we create a tailor made program. Creating bench marks and targets allow us to comfortably achieve your goals.

P1000379Build Strength + Increase Endurance
I take an integrated approach to building muscle and endurance, which includes nutrition. We’ll start slow, always looking to carefully take you to the next level. I’ll increase your endurance with specific levels of intensity, incorporating weight resisting exercises as well as cardio.

“Jeremy Gateman has helped my back tremendously through helping me strengthen my core by the pilates, utilizing weights and other exercises we do on a weekly basis.”

Do it Right – Proper Mechanics
I’ll teach you how to exercise safely, reducing the chance of injury thereby minimizing down-time. That way you can get the most out of your workout and achieve your fitness goals sooner.

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