Body and Physique Analysis

We identify areas in the body, that are out of alignment, over working, or not firing properly. This analysis starts with looking at the problem area, going through the whole body and focusing on why this issue is occurring.

Myofascial Release

Fascia is the connective tissue which envelopes muscles and is prone to restriction through overuse, trauma and inactivity. This results in pain, muscle tension and decreased blood flow, all of which is necessary for healing.

Deep tissue work (myofascial release) works by applying direct pressure – using thumbs, knuckles and elbows – to the myofascial restrictive barrier until tissue release occurs. Blood is then able to return to the muscle or joint and edema is released. Recently a new client came to the studio, hardly able to walk due to arthritis. Through exercises and myofascial release he’s now running on a treadmill during his sessions.

Myofascial release can be used to support some serious injuries and ailments including arthritis but is just as effective and releasing back and neck pain, relieving headaches and even decreasing overall stress and anxiety by allowing the body to relax.


Acupressure is another bodywork modality practiced at Total Fit & Rehab. Much like acupuncture, in that it uses the same meridians, or body chart, as acupuncture, this modality relies on pressure applied with the hands rather than needles. By activating particular points in the body, acupressure can increase circulation, vitality, energy and joint mobility. It can be a very effective approach for back and neck pain, headaches and joint pain.